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Available October 14, 2014

Slow Burn - LKMCSlow Burn (Lost Kings MC, Book 1)

Lost Kings Blue Backpatch_sugarskull




Now Available!


The first three Catnip & Cauldrons novellas are available in print!


Feral Escape, Catnip & Cauldrons, Book 3



Crimson Anthology, Volume 2

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Barnes & Nobel

Crimson Volume 2 includes 8 sexy, chilling stories.

Larissa’s Last Night, by Autumn Jones Lake: To care for her ailing mother, Larissa works two jobs. After a particularly long day, a handsome stranger walks into her store and changes her life. She’s about to learn that some legends are very real.

Once Bitten by Brantwijn Serrah An apprentice geisha’s mizuage ceremony is a night to change her life. Ayame’s coming-of-age, however, will change things more than she could ever guess.

A Fire in the Blood by Tysche Dwai Talitha McCoy, a reluctant working girl, turns one last trick on Halloween and gets an unexpected treat from a dream come true.

Dimitri’s Walk by C.V. Madison After a demon hunt, Dimitri finds his love draped across the threshold bleeding and nearly dead. With his unique gifts as a vampire, he can heal her wounds and save her life, but will the siren song of her blood be too much to conquer?

The Flavor of Fear by C.P. Foster Celeste loves to experience the past by visiting the remains of ghost towns. But in Cooperstown, a not-so-ghostly man steps out of history to lead her on a more intimate journey of discovery, one of fear, pain, and pleasure beyond her wildest imaginings.

Witch Apprentice by Lace Higgins Tina, a virgin apprentice witch, doesn’t count on landing in the arms of a sexy Ocean Vampire while learning how to fly. When the vampire makes a proposition that’s difficult to resist, Tina has to fight temptation or give in.

A Lord’s Dark Desire by S.J. Thomas When Lord Henry and his dearest companion, Thomas, encounter a seductive vampiress, their darkest desires are revealed. To succumb could mean their ruin, but will Henry and Thomas be able to resist the dark passion that is offered in the vampire’s embrace?

Her Dark Rewards by Brantwijn Serrah The vicious Sölva, vampire maven of the Orchályvan guild, has a very special way of rewarding her favorite student, Rhiannon.

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