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This book! Ah!!! I’ve been living, breathing, and loving the Lost Kings lately. Completely and totally absorbed in this story! Revisiting an established couple should be difficult, but somehow when it’s these two it’s not. They still have many journeys to take us on!

You may have heard, I’m giving away a free, never-before-released, completely brand new bonus scene with your pre-ordered ebook of After Burn. This scene! It’s something a lot of readers have asked about, but also something completely unexpected.  I love it so much, I had to include it! I think you’re going to love it!

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I still don’t have my preorder for After Burn reinstated on Apple Books (insert grumpy face here) but I will leave the bonus scene up through release day, to make sure everyone has a chance to grab it.  I really want you to read this scene!

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