After Burn (Lost Kings MC #10)

After Burn (Lost Kings MC #10) 

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After Glow (Lost Kings MC #11) 


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The lure of the open road never fades.
Bumpy, cracked, and full of obstacles.
In the end, it’s the cure for life’s complications.
My brothers behind me and our future in front of us.
Loyalty above all else.
A vow made to my brothers.’
’Til death do us part.
A vow made to my wife.
Together we’ll race the rain, chase the sun, and ride the wind.
Leave no road untaken.
An unexpected truth no one ever saw coming.
Are we strong enough to survive it, or will it incinerate everything we’ve built?

One uncovered truth shines a light on the throne of lies I’ve been sitting on for years.
A revelation with the power to test the bonds of brotherhood like never before.
My ruthless obsession to protect what’s mine burns hotter than ever.
Promises I’ve made to my brothers I burn to keep.
Vows made to my wife I swear to honor.
Through the web of tangled loyalties, one thing remains clear.
Hope is embedded in my soul.
A love so rare I’ve spilled blood to protect it.
Together, we’ve built something beautiful, significant, and ours.
With her by my side, my reign is complete.


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