Works In Progress

My Plan for 2018 looks like this:

(I’ll look back at this plan in a few months and laugh and laugh…)

  1. Warnings and Wildfires (Bullets & Bonfires #2)
  2. After Burn (Lost Kings MC #10)
  3. Zero Tolerance (Lost Kings MC #11)
  4. Vapor
  5. Forbidden Trilogy

Other projects:

  1. White Lies (Lost Kings MC #12)
  2. Objection
  3. Matches & Misfires

But who can say where my muse will take me!? She’s one fickle bitch!


Here is what I’m currently working on as of 8/11/2016.


hmm…that looks kinda fuzzy, doesn’t it?

So, I’ll tell you.

Objection (This is Mara and Damon’s story.)

White Knuckles (Lost Kings MC #7) – published 1/7/17


Beyond Reckless (Lost Kings MC #8) Teller’s Book #1: Published 9/18/17

Beyond Reason (Lost Kings MC #9) Teller’s Book #2: Published 10/30/17

Bullets and Bonfires – published 7/17/17

About the sheriff of a small town who helps his best friend’s little sister out when she’s in trouble.

Afterburn (Lost Kings MC #10)

Zero Tolerance (Lost Kings MC #11)

This Time it’s Different

This is a short story I wrote a long time ago and was one of the first pieces I ever published. It’s been expanded into a novella length story. It’s a rock star, second-chance romance.

*Updated 11/14/17

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