Thank you for loving White Heat.

Dear Reader,

A year ago I was preparing to publish White Heat (Lost Kings MC #5), a book people told me no one would want to read because it was “another book about Rock and Hope.”

I didn’t care. I loved the story so much, I couldn’t imagine not publishing it. I loved that it combined not only Rock and Hope’s but Wrath and Trinity’s stories. I loved all the evil things I did to my characters and mostly, I felt it brought Hope full-circle. She is unshakable in White Heat. When bad things happen, she stands taller and has Rock’s back even more. In turn, the club takes care of Hope. White Heat is the essence of what I feel the whole series is about.

When I published White Heat, it was the weakest release I had in the series. As much as I’d love to tell you numbers don’t matter, they do. It stung. And I thought maybe the people who told me it wasn’t worth writing were right…but then something amazing happened. You started leaving the most beautiful reviews for White Heat. You “got” me. You totally, and completely understood where I was coming from with this book. There is no better feeling in the world (for me) when the story I’m trying to tell resonates with you, my reader.

So here it is, almost a year later, and White Heat has the overall best rating of all the Lost Kings books. Below are a few of the most recent reviews.

And, here I am almost a year later, preparing to publish “yet another book about Wrath and Trinity” and that same fear that no one will want to read it has crept in a few times. That fear has fucked with my head. Paralyzed me. But once again, I LOVE this story.

White Knuckles (Lost Kings MC #7) is similar to White Heat, yet nothing like White Heat. Wrath and Trinity are in such a good place and after all the pain they’ve inflicted on each other, I think they deserve to have this story told. No matter how hard the world around them tries, Wrath and Trinity’s love and faith in each other are unbreakable. 

Over the last year, YOU, my beautiful readers, have had so much faith in me. You’ve taught me to trust my instincts and to write what I love.

For that, I thank you!

And, as you know, I love anchors, and I especially love this saying.


In love with romance and dirty-talking, alpha heroes.


  1. I love all your books and hope you never stop writing books involving all these characters – I’ve got my fingers crossed for another Murphy book! Please don’t ever think your fans will ever grow tired of books involving these characters when the total opposite is true and we simply can’t get enough of them. ☘️

  2. Who ever told you NOT to wright about Hope n Rock are nuts. I loved the whole series!!!! Yes I had my favorites. Hope n Rock being one couple. The other is Murphy n Heidi. I’d love to hear more about them as well. Actually all of them to be honest.

  3. I ALWAYS absolutely LOVE what you write!! Your books have been the most consistent and BEST MC romances I have ever read, and I promise you I have NEVER said that to another author!!!! You are so fucking talented and I hope you always follow your instincts because you create AMAZING books I would give 10 stars if I could!!! You have a gift that you should never question and I for one, hope you never stop writing about LOKI because they feel like close friends every time I read your books!! I take my LOKI bag everywhere and keep warm with my LOKI blanket and I hope some day I can add to my two signed books!!! Thank you for sharing your awesome gift with all of us!!!

  4. When you tell a story I find myself living the story through your characters. I’ve found myself living the life as Hope and being this strong and capable woman. I’ve found myself living the highs and lows of Trinity’s life.
    Through your stories I’ve had many exciting love affairs with Rock and Wrath, and a few others within the brotherhood. 😉 The gift you give us readers I’m not sure I can put it to words other than its magical and so beautiful. Thank you, for sharing your gift of telling stories that transport me to a destination full of adventure, love and some hot and sexy sin, filled with love.

  5. I am one of your many stalkers and I LOVE your books! I am addicted to anything LOKI! I hope you have more of their stories yet to come!

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